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Content Considerations

NutriScape editors and advisors will strive to avoid competition between courses.


The NutriScape Project is a community of dietitians. Course authors are encouraged to set their pricing according to their own individual business objectives. However, as the NutriScape.NET site matures, factors may come into existence that require the NutriScape course creation community to adopt policies that affect pricing.

Minimum Pricing Calculation


One of the advantages of working with NutriScape is the familiarity of our branding. The value impression that readers develop while working with other aspects of the site automatically translates to buyers trust your NutriScape branded course.

Course Approval Process

To begin the course approval process, download the Course Proposal Form. In this form, you will provide very basic information about the course you are proposing. This information will be reviewed by our editing staff to make sure it will fit well withing the content of the site. It may be then be shared with the community on podia as well to help us optimize our acceptance and review processes.

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